Rope Slip leads for dogs

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rope slip leads for dogs

Poggy's rope slip leads for dogs, UK handcrafted, and often referred to as thick slip leads for dogs, rope slip lead, dog slip leads, dog training rope lead, gun dog slip leads and anti-pull dog leads.

In general, rope slip leads look like a regular dog leads, however our best rope slip leads have a solid metal ring at the end that is used to make a larger loop that slips around your dogs neck. And because of this large loop, our strong & thick slip leads are easy to slip on, and easy to slip off.

Poggy's premium rope slip leads for dogs UK are the perfect rope leads for dogs, as the lead is heavy duty and will stop your dog from pulling. The function of the lead, also acts as a quick release and combination dog lead and collar. Our dog slip leads are lightweight rope leads, that are easy to use, and the kind of dog slip lead that's handy to have in your pocket or car.

Rope slips leads for dogs are the type of dog leash, that are regularly recommended by dog trainers. A very popular UK dog lead used for terriers, hounds, working dogs, gun dogs, whippets, sporting dogs and non-sporting dogs.

How to use a rope slip lead? We recommend the placement of your dog slip lead, should be placed high on the dogs neck towards the back of the dogs ears, this neck position would avoid causing the dog to cough or choke. Plus it is also a more sensitive area of the dog's neck, thus preventing them from pulling hard on the slip lead.

When taking your dog or puppy for a walk, a rope slip lead for dogs is an easy choice, and is a great training lead. Poggy's thick slip leads for dogs are a simple and effective way to control your dog during pulling walks and puppy training sessions.

Poggy's dog slip leads run smoothly through the metal ring and will release easily, making it easy to wear for the dog and a pleasure to hold for the dog owner. Poggy's rope slip lead for dogs, are suitable for most dog breeds, as our leads come in a 10mm thick rope size and customers can choose to buy either our standard 120cm or 150cm long slip leads for dogs.

All of our dog slip leads are stylish, lightweight, strong and durable. Suitable for small, medium and large dog breeds who pull. Browse our full range of UK made-to-order rope slip leads for dogs UK made.