Why buy a rope dog collar?

Why buy a rope dog collar?

  • V Shapland

Why buy a rope dog collar?

There are many different style of dog collars on the market, from chain link, nylon, leather, cotton to my favourite rope dog collars. All have many pros and cons and can range in price and quality too!

In this article, I would like to explain and give you 5 top reasons why rope dog collars are my favourite kind of dog collar.  

1. To begin, rope dog collars are particularly good for dogs who enjoy comfort as the soft, lightweight and flexi rope material, allows for the dog to have a collar that is versatile and oh so comfortable. 

2. Have you ever been into a situation where you couldn’t identify your dog amongst other dogs playing? If yes, you should buy one of our unique rope dog collars. Our unique material and styles will allow your dog to stand out from the crowd, with our bright and fancy designs, be sure to know that your dog will stand out from other dogs playing in the park. 

3. Water-resistant and anti mildew. Many dogs enjoy a walk, rain or shine, with a rope dog collar, your 4 legged friend will be able to walk with a water-resistant collar that is designed to repel water and thus remain lightweight and comfortable to the wearer. In addition, the rope material that Poggy Doggy Leads use, has a unique anti-mildew property that will increase the longevity of the collar.  

4. Non-toxic Oeko-tex is used on all of our dog leads and collars, so is perfect for dogs and puppies who like to chew.

5. Rope dog collars, can be clipped on and off easily and they're also super convenient for attaching your dogs ID tags too.

Overall a handmade dog collar is a great rope dog collar material to use, it is comfortable, durable, flexible, water-resistant, anti-toxic, and anti-mildew. making it the perfect high quality dog collar for most dog breeds.