How to use a slip lead for dogs correctly.

How to use a slip lead for dogs correctly.

  • V Shapland


How to use a slip lead for dogs correctly.

In this article we are going to explain what is a slip lead, and how to use a slip lead for dogs correctly.

Poggy’s slip leads provide the simplest way to control a dog, and stop them from pulling. Our slip leads are composed of a single line strung through a gold brass ring hoop at one end, to make a continuous tightening loop that goes around your dog’s neck. Slip leads adjust to the size of any dog’s neck and it is impossible for dogs to back out of them. A slip lead, acts as a combined collar and lead, and are quick, effective and comfortable to use – a great rope lead for training and everyday casual use.

How to put on a slip lead for dogs

We recommend that placement of slip leads on a dogs neck should sit high up, behind the dogs ears to avoid causing the dog to cough or choke. This is also a more sensitive area of the dogs neck, preventing them from pulling hard on the lead.

Don’t make the lead too tight, we recommend, that you should be able to easily place two fingers between the dog’s neck and the lead loop. If a slip lead is used incorrectly it can pull on the dog too tightly, which could result in your dog gagging or coughing. To use a slip lead properly, the slip ring has to be on the side of the dog that faces you. Then it slides down. Poggy’s slip leads are a very handy lead to have, and are a great quick solution for moving your dog from one place to the other.

A slip lead is also useful for training young dogs as the handler has more control over the dog.

Please be aware that our slip leads should be placed high on your dogs neck, and if the lead slips, and moves towards the dogs throat, then stop walking and shift the slip lead back up towards the back of the dogs ears, you can then start to walk your dog again. If you like you can watch our short video below, showing how to use a slip lead for dogs correctly.

Now you know how to use a slip lead for dogs correctly, you can browes our wide collection of rope slip leads for dogs