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Best slip lead for dogs

Best slip lead for dogs

  • V Shapland

Best slip lead for dogs & puppies

Why buy a slip lead?

Slip leads are practical, stylish and such a popular dog training lead for dogs and puppies that pull. During my years of owning dogs, Ive always used a slip lead to help foster great dog walking on a lead. Used correctly a slip lead is an easy and straighforward dog lead for most dog breeds - big or small.


How does a slip lead work?

Slip lead for dogs & puppies are generally designed to look like a regular dog lead. Neverthless our rope slip leads for dogs have a solid metal ring at the end that is used to make a larger loop that slips around your dogs neck. And because of this large loop, our strong & thick slip leads are easy to slip on, and easy to slip off your dogs neck.

The function of the slip lead, acts as a quick and simply dog training lead, simply tug on the leash went you dog starts to pull and the lead will tighten around your dogs neck, which will stop the dog in his/her tracks. The slip lead will then loosen up, for your dog to continue his/her walk. This tighening and loosening of the slip lead will eventually teach your dog to walk on the leash correctly and without pulling.


What's the best slip lead for your dog or puppy?

In the shops and online, you can buy many different kinds of slip leads, from nylon, metal, cotton, leather, and rope slip leads. all have pros and cons and vary in cost. 

Nylon slip leads are one of the cheapest kinds of slip leads on the market, the diadvantage of a nylon slip lead, is that it doesn't last and can cause friction burns to the user.

Metal slip leads are one of the strongest kinds of slip leads on the market, however because of the material, it not suitable for most dog breeds. Its ideal used on dog breeds with a wider neck circumference.

Cotton slip leads are soft and lightweight to use, however, once the lead gets wet, it becomes heavy and hard to use.

Leather slip leads are durable and strong, nevertheless, leather can cause abrasion burns to the dog handler.

Rope slip leads are strong, durable, flexible, non-toxic, water resistant and fancy, the only disadvange is the slight cost premium you pay for the luxury of owning the best slip lead!

So the best slip lead  for dogs in my experience, are ROPE SLIP LEADS - rope slip leads are worth every penny, as you will gain a very handy and versatile slip lead. It's comfortable to use, it can get wet without weighting down the lead, its strong yet lightweight so can be used by most dog breeds ie gun dogs who like the water, whippets who have dainty necks and terriers who are strong and forceful pullers.

Our slip lead for dogs are made from lightweight rope material, that are easy to use, and the kind of rope slip lead that's handy to have in your pocket or car.

Use your slip lead with care

Our dog slip leads are designed to be stylish, comfortable, heavy duty and lightweight. The position of a slip lead on a dogs neck is important, and Poggy- Doggy Leads recommend that placement of a slip lead, should sit high on the dogs neck towards the ears to avoid causing the dog to cough or choke. This is also a more sensitive area of the dogs neck, preventing them from pulling hard when walking on the slip lead. Find the best gun dog slip lead, in our luxury dog leads shop today!