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Slip lead for dog, puppy & gun dog slip leads handmade in the UK

POGGY'S Slip leads, rope dog leads, rope dog collar, made-to-order in the uk. Our slip leads are great dog training leads that will help stop your dog from pulling.

Poggy's rope dog lead store, sell a range of rope dog products, from rope slip lead for dogs, puppy slip leads gun dog leads, to rope leads and rope dog collars. All of our branded dog collars and leads are made from luxury rope material, that is flexible, strong and durable. Our rope dog lead and rope dog collars infuse exceptional design, quality and value. Poggy offer a wide range of posh dog collars, puppy slip lead for dogs, and rope dog leads. All of our unique dog wear, are handmade-to-order in the UK, are flexible, thick and supple to withstand day-to-day dog walking, thus allowing the slip lead and dog collars to remain flexible and comfortable to the dog and user. Our best slip lead and rope dog collars are stylish, water-resistant, non toxic and hardwearing -"Let your doggy walk in style with Poggy". BUY TODAY!


Practical, stylish and ever so popular rope slip lead for dogs & puppies. Our dog slip leads are designed to be stylish, comfortable, heavy duty and lightweight. The position of a slip lead on a dogs neck is important, and Poggy recommend that placement of a slip lead, should sit high on the dogs neck towards the ears to avoid causing the dog to cough or choke. This is also a more sensitive area of the dogs neck, preventing them from pulling hard when walking on the slip lead. Find the perfect gun dog slip lead, in our luxury dog leads shop. Click below to view our full collection of slip lead for dogs.
Rope slip leads
Orange rope dog collar and lead. Made-to-order designed by Poggy.

Rope dog collar - Handmade in the UK

Rope dog collar UK

Poggy make an extensive ray of posh handmade rope dog collars that are tailor-made from braided rope to be unique, fancy and stunning. Handcrafted in the uk with the highest quality materials, fully weather-resistant, non-toxic and hardwearing. Introducing a small collection of Poggy's latest rope dog collars. For our full handmade dog collar collection, click our rope dog collar link below.
Rope dog collar

Rope dog leads - Thick, Lightweight, stylish and strong

Rope Leads UK

Our best selling preimum 10mm rope dog leads collection are designed to be stylish, comfortable, heavy duty and lightweight. A fanastic high quality water-resistant nautical style rope dog lead made in the UK. Suitable for all dog breeds- big or small. Poggy offer two rope lead sizes for there designer dog leads - 120cm and a longer 150cm dog lead. Our standard 120cm short dog lead offers more control and would suit most dog breeds and sizes. Our 150cm long dog lead is suited to a smaller, or more mature dog or even dog owners who want to give they dogs a bit more freedom when walking on a lead
Rope dog leads
Let your doggy walk in style with Poggy

Matching dog collar & lead set

Dogs are brilliant companions, and one of the most noticeable benefits of owning a dog is that it's almost impossible to feel lonely when your dog is by your side, and for good reason. Most dogs are highly sociable, and they love company, whether it's canine or human.

At Poggy - doggy leads we are proud that our matching dog collar and lead set can compliment your loyal doggy friend.

All of our rope dog leads and slip leads for dogs are thick, hardwearing, water resistant, easy to clean and made from non-toxic material.

Browse through our wide range of UK handmade dog collars, clip-on leads and thick slip leads for dogs.

Stylish and strong, designed for the designer dog in your life.

Handmade and designed by poggy

dog lead with clip or rope slip lead

Poggy's designer dog collar and leads are made from luxury braided rope and are non-toxic to animals and humans. Our rope dog leads are a great multi-purpose dog lead, that will keep your dog safe and under control whilst out in public. All clip-on leads come with a solid gold brass snap hook that resists corrosion and avoids weakening over time.

Poggy's slip leads are also made from premium braided rope and are non-toxic to animals and humans. Our combination slip dog lead provides the simplest way to control a dog. It is composed of a single line strung through a gold brass metal ring hoop at one end, to make a continuous tightening loop that goes around your dog’s neck. Our handmade slip lead for dogs adjust to the size of any dog’s neck and it is impossible for dogs to back out of them. Simply slip the lead over your dog’s head.

Rope slip leads are an excellent training lead, that helps your dog learn to behave whilst walking on a dog lead. When you dog pulls, all it takes to correct your dog’s behaviour is a slight tug of the dog leash.

The lead slip collar will tighten, applying pressure to the top of the dog’s neck as he or she tries to pull or strain against the lead. It allows for a method of correction training that is designed to teach the dog that their behaviour is not acceptable. With enough consistent training, your dog will learn to walk calmly beside you. Our slip leads are quick releasing, effective and comfortable rope leash for training and everyday use for a dog that pulls.

Our brand Values

  • Slip lead for dogs & puppies

    Slip Lead for Dogs help to train a dog to walk appropriately, teaches social manners, how not to pull or choke itself. When your dog pulls, simply tug at the lead to correct your dog’s behaviour.


    Poggy sell a wide collection of luxury dog leads, in all sorts of colours, patterns & sizes. Our handmade dog collars and leads are strong, lightweight, water resistant, and resistant to mildew and rot.


    Dog Collar and Lead Set are one of the most important dog accessories you will buy and use! Poggy's rope dog collars and leads brings a state of great comfort and elegance to the user and dog.

Happy customer

Absolutely love my designer dog collar and lead! The choice of colours are awesome! And the collar and lead look stunning! Thanks, I'm a very happy customer.

Kate Williams

Happy customer

Thanks for the handmade slip lead! Great quality, and perfect for my pulling beagle Murphy! I would highly recommend shopping on doggyleads.co.uk and I will be buying more. Thanks

Sarah Turner

Happy Customer

Thank you for creating a beautiful dog collar and lead. I absoluately love the colour, design and the gold accessories.

Alice keen

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